On Sunday, the chairman of the Scientific and Standardization Committee (SSC), Walter Ageno, M.D. discussed the role of the committee within the Congress. The focus of the committee and subcommittees is to discuss research projects and create standardization of procedures. In many ways, it’s where researchers and clinicians come to take the pulse of the latest in the field of thrombosis and hemostasis. At the SSC, colleagues meet to launch new projects and solve existing problems in the field. According to Dr. Ageno, the SSC is considered the heart and soul of the ISTH.

This year the subcommittee meetings had the best attendance ever. Two subcommittees highlighted here include one titled “the Factor VII and Factor IX and Rare Bleeding Disorders Subcommittee” along with the “Subcommittee on Cancer-Associated Thrombosis”. Meetings for each of these included discussions on issues of laboratory measurement of Factor products, immune tolerance, clinical guidelines, ongoing projects, and discussions of new ideas. The ISTH SSC 2018 meeting in Dublin will be the last stand-alone meeting for the subcommittees, as they will be transitioned to a permanent fixture of the annual Congress. We encourage you to attend and be part of this important ISTH community.

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