In a video message shown at the Opening Ceremony of the ISTH 2017 Congress, Jack Hirsh, M.D., accepted the Robert P. Grant Medal, the highest award of the ISTH. The award honors research achievements, organizational activities, support of research activities, facilitation of institutional cooperation and communication, unusual teaching or educational initiatives and/or the development of concepts that result in a clearer understanding of research data.

Hirsh is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.  He was the Founding Director of the Henderson Research Centre, and is a former Chairman of the Department of Medicine. He established a thrombosis program at McMaster University that has been pre-eminent in thrombosis research for over four decades and has trained scores of scientists who now head up thrombosis units throughout the world. He was also a founding senior scientist of and Vice-President of Research of Vascular Therapeutics Inc.

Hirsh developed and then investigated diagnostic techniques that have improved and simplified the diagnosis of thromboembolism disorders. He and his colleagues demonstrated the benefit of aspirin in the prevention of stroke.  His investigation of heparin and warfarin set the standards for their dosing and clinical use internationally.  He also pioneered the standardization of laboratory monitoring in North America and established optimal dosing of warfarin, thereby increasing its safety and expanding its use to patients that had been denied the benefit of this oral anticoagulant. His studies contributed to the discovery of unique characteristics of low-molecular-weight heparin and led eventually to the identification of its potential clinical advantages.

In addition to the Grant Medal, Hirsh has received many national and international awards. He was previously awarded an ISTH BACH Distinguished Career Award at the ISTH 1989 Congress in Tokyo, Japan. In 2000, Hirsh was inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, was named to the Order of Canada and received the Gairdner Foundation International Award for Achievement in Medical Science.

About the Grant Medal
This medal is named after Robert P. Grant, a renowned cardiologist who spent many years as a representative of the National Institutes of Health in Europe, traveling extensively and facilitating American-European collaboration in medical research and education.

Previous awardees include:

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