In February, the ISTH Education Committee awarded three ISTH members with Reach-the-World Fellowships. Ecaterina Scarlatescu of Romania, Sithakom Phusanti of Thailand and Amit Sharma of India were selected for the program, which seeks to promote knowledge and expertise in medical care, laboratory methods and research for individuals from developing countries. As part of the program, the Society provides fellows with financial support for travel, accommodation and living expenses for a period of up to four months while they receive advanced training from renowned host institutions.

Learn more about the new Fellows below:

Ecaterina Scarlatescu, M.D.

Ecaterina Scarlatescu, M.D., is currently working as a consultant in anaesthesia and critical care at Fundeni Clinical Institute in Bucharest, Romania. Thanks to the support of the Reach-the-World Fellowship, she will have the opportunity to work in the Department of Intensive Care Medicine at the University Hospital of Maastricht in the Netherlands. For three months, Scarlatescu will learn about extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

“As an anesthesiologist working in a visceral surgery and liver transplantation center, I am frequently confronted with bleeding and/or thrombosis complications, so I can say that hemostasis was always an important topic in my continuous training,” Scarlatescu said. “I look forward to learning from international well-known experts, but probably the most exciting aspect will be the opportunity to actually see how they manage the cases in ICU and also to obtain hands-on experience working in a hemostasis research laboratory under the supervision and guidance of renowned specialists in the area of thrombosis and hemostasis.”

Sithakom Phusanti, M.D.

Sithakom Phusanti, M.D., is currently working as an instructor in the hematology unit at Ramathibodi Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. Thanks to the support of this Fellowship, Phusanti will have the opportunity to work with former ISTH Council Chairman Nigel Key at the University of North Carolina Department of Medicine in Chapel Hill, NC, USA. The four-month training will focus on training in the hemostasis/coagulation lab, especially in regards to thalessemia and to the biology of lymphoma related thrombosis.
“I have seen a lot of thalassemia patients with thrombotic complication at my home institution,” Phusanti said. “High mortality rate is seen in the non-transfusion dependent thalassemia patients who developed arterial and venous thromboembolism. It is important to understand more about its pathogenesis. I am excited that I will have an opportunity to do that at UNC at Chapel Hill, a university well known for its expertise in thrombosis and hemostasis, especially in the area of hemoglobinopathy-related thrombosis.”

Amit Sharma, Ph.D.

Amit Sharma, Ph.D., is currently working as research associate at the All India Institure of Medical Sciences in New Delhi, India. With support of the Fellowship, he will work with ISTH 2017 Congress President Johannes Oldenburg at the Institute of Experimental Hematology and Transfusion Medicine, University Clinic Bonn. For a four month period, Sharma will learn to master techniques in sequencing, cloning, in-silico structural analysis/homology modeling and expression studies.
“Patients with bleeding disorders constitute a significant percentage of our population and to make accurate molecular diagnosis due to limited availability of resources, it is really very challenging task.” Sharma said. “This was the motivation for me to start my work in this field so that I can contribute to patient care. One of the most exciting aspects is that this fellowship will set up new horizons for me in this field and give me chance to work for the betterment of the clientele by the improved and recent diagnostic modalities.”
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