More than 300 ISTH 2017 Congress attendees participated in the ISTH 2017 5K Charity Run/Walk on Tuesday night in Berlin’s Grunewald forest. Samuel Beckett finished first with a speedy time of 16 minutes and 45 seconds. Nicole Horak placed first among female competitors with a time of 20 minutes and 13 seconds. And Novo Nordisk’s three-man team of Andreas Groth, Kasper Norremark and Brian Lauritzen won the team competition, finishing with an impressive combined time of 54 minutes and 17 seconds.

The event was held in support of World Thrombosis Day.


  1. Samuel Beckett 16:45
  2. Andreas Groth 16:53
  3. Matt Sims 17:16


  1. Nicole Horak 20:13
  2. Mackenzie Bowman 20:51
  3. Hailey Fitzpatrick 21:32


  1. Novo Nordisk (Andreas Groth, Kasper Norremark, Brian Lauritzen) 54:17
  2. Einthoven Lab (Jeroen Bujis, Sophie Dolleman, Mark Schreuder) 1:03:26
  3. Sobi (Peter Hauptig, Kim Jacobsen, Stephen O’Shea) 1:06:17

Check out photos from the run on our Facebook page and see the full results from

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