Mary Cushman, M.D., M.Sc. presented the launch of the Research and Practice in Thrombosis and Haemostasis (RPTH) journal yesterday. The RPTH journal is an online-only, open-access (non-subscription based) publication created just 8 short months ago to address a specific need within the thrombosis and hemostasis community: connecting scientists and clinicians with the non-scientific public to discuss the latest findings and research in the field.

This endeavor began in January 2017 with an open call for submissions, and the response from the research community was overwhelming. Over 100 papers were submitted and 18 were accepted; development was then underway.

Though the review process is rigorous, submission is easy and clear. All articles go through a thorough peer review process with an internationally renowned board of experts who represent a broad range of disciplines ranging from basic fundaments, bench and clinical research, and nursing research, to implementation of quality improvement programs. ISTH wanted to ensure that they could reach the developing world, so they identified experts in developing countries to participate. The submission process was designed to be easy, with few rules but clear editorial guidelines, including clear instructions on formatting. The table of contents is available via Twitter; users can select an article title which then links them directly to the journal. The website—, is easy to remember and editorial board reviews as well as publishing are swift.

The first and only print version of RPTH is available here at the 2017 ISTH Congress.

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