The ISTH Early Career Task Force (ECTF) invites early career professionals to connect and collaborate at the ISTH 2017 Congress.

What is the ECTF?
The ECTF consists of a group of 12 early career ISTH members from worldwide origins. Its overall mission is to engage and represent early career professionals in the ISTH, as well as foster a global community in the field of thrombosis and hemostasis.

What does the ECTF do?
The ECTF works closely with the ISTH to advise its Council and committees on ISTH fellowships and activities targeted at early career professionals. Through social media and the early career forum series in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis (JTH), the ECTF promotes the voice of early career professionals within the clinical and scientific field. At the ISTH 2017 Congress in Berlin, members of the ECTF will be available at the ISTH booth (no. 200) in the exhibition hall during breaks. Ongoing projects include a survey to understand the needs of ISTH early career populations, as well as improving connections of early career professionals to established investigators for fellowships and collaborations.

Want to get involved or know more?
To learn more, get involved, or share feedback, don’t hesitate to contact the ECTF:

Learn more on the ECTF webpage. You can recognize ECTF members by the ECTF buttons they will be wearing during the Congress.

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