Did you know that one in four people worldwide die of conditions caused by thrombosis? As a leading source of global death and disability, thrombosis awareness and education are more important than ever. Dive into this compelling and timely topic by attending the upcoming session, “World Thrombosis Day: Building Awareness and Elevating Impact for the Global Burden of Thrombosis,” taking place on Sunday, 9 July, from 12:15-14:00, in room M6 at the City Cube.

Each year on World Thrombosis Day, 13 October, more than 730 partners across 80 countries come together to organize events and activities that shine a spotlight on this urgent condition and increase global awareness of thrombosis, including its causes, risk factors, signs and symptoms, and evidence-based prevention and treatment. In 2016, the World Thrombosis Day campaign garnered more than 1.9 billion media impressions and approximately 8,200 activities were organized across the globe.

In this special session, join the World Thrombosis Day steering committee, global partners, and corporate supporters for an interactive discussion. The session will begin with a presentation on the global thrombosis burden and the need for a systematic approach to venous thromboembolism risk assessment in hospitals. Then, a panel discussion will begin, featuring partners and corporate supporters, as they discuss campaign engagement, outcomes, and social responsibility. Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about a case study that showcases the campaign’s partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA).

Both educational and engaging, don’t miss this important upcoming session. Special thanks to the World Thrombosis Day corporate supporters for their generous support and involvement in the campaign. For more information about World Thrombosis Day, visit www.worldthrombosisday.org.

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